Welcome to Eldorado Hills Golf Course

Welcome to Eldorado Hills Golf Course, your number one choice for a round of golf in Norfolk, Nebraska. We have everything you need for a great day on the course, from picturesque nature to a hospitable staff to top-notch amenities. Ours is the rare course that manages to both challenge and relax all players, from a seasoned golfer to a young newcomer. This is a must-play course! And as always has, WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Eldorado is proud to open:

First we would like to thank everyone for their understanding during our construction the last couple weeks and your continued support while we had our lounge/bar area closed off due to safety reasons. Sorry for the paint smells and noise, but we think you will be pleased with the new updated look!

Although we are still the same Eldo, many new updates were done. New tables and chairs, new lighting, new flooring, new TV's, woodwork was all updated, new paint theme, yes-even that high ceiling mangaged to get painted.  Bathrooms were updated, and the  new look with the bar tops and walls using metal created a one of a kind unique look.
Along with all this, comes our new menu!
Please stop out and support your investment and enjoy great food & atmosphere.




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